The Archives of Fudgemore

The Archives of Fudgemore Series is a counterforce to all the information that confuses and divides us. Each story contains real ideas embedded in story where they can be lived and re-lived providing nourishment, humor and descriptions of meaning.

Our first full year of stories is in progress. That's 26 issues! printed editions will be published in the coming months. All eBook editions are freely available for supporting members, and single editions will be available on our store. Join to subscribe or become a member. You can help bring some valuable ideas and projects into the world!

What is the School of Unusual Arts?

The School of Unusual Arts is a registered Canadian non profit organization.

There are three aspects to the School of Unusual Arts.

  1. Practical work. Our aim is to be self sufficient based on research, development and commercialization of manufacturing projects. Working in production is also an expression of our philosophy of education. Of the many projects we have undertaken, some have already become commercially available products in stores. Visit our projects page to find our more.  
  2. Philosophic work and self study. Decades of work have gone into the formalization of the Philosophy of Meaning ®. Much work continues to be done. Many informal experiments have taken place including discussion groups, quiet gatherings, shared meals, and writing projects. We are challenged with the task of developing enough form to support self inquiry at the personal level as well as to enable small independent groups to undertake group study. Some of our members have been meeting in discussion groups for more than 30 years consistently. Our aim is to provide enough support to help other independent groups develop.
  3. Community. The School of Unusual Arts is a community for people who have a hunger for meaning and who are searching outside of traditional highly elaborated forms such as religions or ancient philosophical systems. Our perspective is that meaning is a fundamental aspiration of human kind which transcends differences of time, culture, race, and gender. We affirm that it is the central striving as well as the central responsibility of every living being to seek completion.  Completion is defined as cultivating a right relationship between the forces of survival and forces of love, both of which are inherent to our nature. Cultivation results in a mature understanding of our responsibility as evidenced by beautiful works. We are in the process of formalizing our approach to self study and education, and to the development of independent study groups. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact

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