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About the School of Unusual Arts

The School of Unusual Arts is one of many experiments taking place around the world where people are searching for a new and more meaningful way to live. Our philosophical perspective defines our community. The most fundamental human question which transcends time, race, religion and gender is the question of our participation in two different streams of consciousness, namely the consciousness of Love and the consciousness of Action. We define meaning as well as beauty as the right relationship between these two. We understand education as the development of both streams in such a way that this relationship becomes inseparable for a truly educated person. Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the search for a new way of living, with the idea of education as we have defined it at the centre of what we undertake. The school is supported and will develop based on economically viable projects which support our mission.

Below is a list of basic questions and answers about the school.

What is the School of Unusual Arts?

As a social enterprise our mission is to inspire meaningful conversations, tangible works and community events. The School of Unusual Arts is a Canadian registered non profit corporation.

Where do school activities take place?

The School of Unusual Arts is just beginning, so it might make more sense to speak about where we are and what our vision is.We are based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. All of our activities so far have taken place in New Brunswick. At this time we meet and store materials in a space which has been donated. As funding allows, we will find appropriate premises.

Our vision is to enable conversation, projects, and events to take place wherever there is an interested group of people. This may take the form of personal study, at home study groups, community events or material projects.

Why is it called a School?

The idea of a School comes closest to exemplifying our ideas of what needs to be at the centre of communities of all sizes. The concept of a School inherently suggests the idea of education. Education means inquiry and open mindedness in pursuit of knowledge which best corresponds with truth as we can know it. The area of education focused on is called the Philosophy of Meaning and all activities try to exemplify this philosophy.

What is the Philosophy of Meaning?

This is a school of thought which is concerned with the meaning of life. The core idea is that human beings live in a state of tension between love, which is the appreciation of the world as it is on the one hand, and action, which is the need to change the world in order to survive on the other. Meaning is defined and studied as the middle point or mean which connects Love and Action. Without love, action does not produce meaning, and without action love does not produce meaning. This is the central idea.

Why is the Philosophy of Meaning important?

We are living at a time when a new more truthful world view is appearing. This worldview transcends divisions of race, gender, religion, nationality and even time. It is a worldview based on our fundamental experiences of meaning, and our fundamental understanding of the web of life. Our mission is to give clear articulation of this new world view, and to amplify its voice. It is our belief that a fundamental shift in worldview is necessary for the appearance of a the kind of culture needed to tackle modern problems. .

What are projects?

Projects are the way that the school's ideas are brought into action. For example, to design something which is needed, like a shoe which can be sold, is to bring an idea into material manifestation. To reflect school philosophy, projects must contribute to our mission. Our projects are manifested in works which exemplify appreciation for the elements of material, design and the process by which they are made.

What does it mean to become a member?

To become a member of the School of Unusual Arts means that you see value in the mission of the school. Practically, becoming a member can mean simply that you agree to receive information from us. It may also mean that you have a desire to get involved and help in the development of the school; be that by helping promote the school, by taking courses or by being involved in a specific project. Either way, over time we hope to create community with people who share a common interest in improving the way that we think and live.

What is the difference between free and supporting memberships?

We have at this time two classes of members, namely free and supporting. Free memberships are a simple way to become connected in order to learn more about what we are up to. Supporting memberships mean that you are interested in furthering the aim of the school, and may wish to get involved in conversations and/or projects.

Are there other projects?

There is a backlog of great project ideas. If you would like to suggest a worthy project please feel free to contact us.

I have a question.

If you have a question which is not answered here, please contact us. If we think it is a question which others might be interested in, we may create an item for it here on our FAQ.

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