Paul Kasdan, School of Unusual Arts

The School of Unusual Arts is one of many experiments taking place around the world where people are searching for a new and more meaningful way to live.

Our philosophical perspective defines our community. The most fundamental human question which transcends time, race, religion and sex is the question of our participation in two different streams of consciousness, namely the consciousness of Love and the consciousness of Action. We define meaning as well as beauty as the relationship between these two. We understand education as the development of both streams in such a way that this relationship becomes inseparable for a truly educated person.

Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the search for a new way of living, with the idea of education as we have defined it at the centre of what we undertake. Our school is both a philosophical community as well as an actual community of people interested and able to help. The school is supported and will develop based on economically viable projects which in some way relate with our aim.

We are in the early stages of formation. If you are interested in being connected in one way or another, consider membership.

For those of you who want a little of my bio here it is in a timeline: I am Paul Kasdan, Orthopaedic shoemaker, founder of Thera-Ped Ltd, founder of meditation group, Husband and father of 3, IT functional architect and founder of ClinicServer, founder of NFSC non profit.

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