Reflections on relating to world events in a meaningful way

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This post contains a link to an 11 minute video which I would like to share with you.

The main idea here is that we react against ignorance, but we need to be careful not to perpetuate ignorance by forgetting to search for a deeper understanding.  It is long, and may even need a second viewing to digest. Perhaps I will find the way to say things in a more digestible way as time goes on. I asked some of the people who know me for feedback. Some felt strongly that there was value in this video. Others thought that the message might be misconstrued to advocate some degree of inaction. It is an essential feature of all that I am likely to ever write, say or share that life is an ongoing conversation between love and action, and there is inherent tension between them when we wish to live vibrantly. But without the effort toward seeking meaning, we may perpetuate some of the very attitudes we revile in others. If you find it worth sharing you are welcome to.

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