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Unbeknownst and unannounced to our member community, The School of Unusual Arts has been working for months on a special publishing project known as "The Archives of Fudgemore". This project is about creating new narratives about what it is to be heroic in the context of the big question of the meaning of life. The publication is a subscription style monthly or semi monthly and consists of a story or stories which are all connected under a theme of newly found manuscripts.

The artist who has worked with us for many months, Ulyana Patoka, a friend and collaborator, is Ukrainian. Moreover, she has family in Ukraine who are on the front lines of this disastrous event.

We want to try and help. Ulyana is volunteering her time and raising funds for people on the ground in Ukraine. We have decided to make our first two publications free with an incentive to make a donation, however small.  100% of Donations will be split between the Canadian Red Cross' Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal and Ulyana’s personal fundraiser.

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In this special edition of The Archives of Fudgemore, a grandfather makes a special bucket which carries with it an important lesson which his granddaughter understands many years later. You can download them here.

Grandfather's Bucket PDF

Iffetayo and the Bucket and the Snake PDF

Grandfather's Bucket ePub

Iffetayo and the Bucket and the Snake ePub

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