Archives of Fudgemore Vol 3.

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Earlier during the early days of Covid, I began writing the stories contained in the Archives of Fudgemore. I had intended on writing 1 years worth of stories to be published every 2 weeks. My motivation was to provide some worthwhile nourishment at a time when we are bombarded with information that we don't really know how to process. The writing part I have kept up with, but the editing and publishing has fallen behind schedule. So this post brings us back up to date and has links the entire Obifus the Liar adventure. The stories were originally intended to be published like a comic, which would hang around the house and be read over and over again.

We live in a time of ever-increasing uncertainty, and ever increasing divisiveness and atomization. It's been really hard to witness to be honest, friend and friends of friends falling on one side or another of a debate, wether about politics or vaccines or whatever. Truth seeking, where art thou? Meaning where art thou? These stories are a small breadcrumb trail, so to speak, to another way to look at the world. I am serious when I say that truth seeking and the pursuit of meaning are the only hope for saving the world. A story is not gong to do anything, particulary if it is taken in without any care or attention. But at least for those who really crave a meaningful world, its a little flag waving in the distance. I am here, I know you are there somewhere too.

Volume 3. Obifus the Liar and how to stop wars from happening

In which Obifus, a student of Del Samara the candy maker, sets out on a truth seeking adventure and finds himself in the middle of a plot to start a war. How, with the help of his donkey and a pumpkin he was able to find a way to lasting peace is a tale that will never be forgotten in the Archives of Fudgemore.

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